Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association

The Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association has been created to address issues and concerns of all those who own residential property in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. This includes year-round and seasonal residents. The Association’s desire is to create a voice for all residential owners to ensure that their input is heard and valued.  As well, we are always on the look out for social and cultural events that make enjoyment of the beach, and area, that much more enjoyable.

During the 2010 election, our voices were heard very clearly, when we elected Janice Jackson and Marilyn Bowman to council. Both ladies sided with the residents lack of desire to spend millions of dollars on a sewer system, which ultimately would only benefit the commercial property owners and eventually turn one of the last peaceful beach's of this country into another commercially overrun, over-developed beach area. Even though we spoke loudly and clearly on this issue, some members of council continued to pursue every means they could make up to force sewers onto the population.  We needed to be there to prevent these inappropriate activities.

As a result of our hard work we elected Mayor Janice Jackson in October of 2014, as well as several other council members that see the common sense of appropriate spending and have been working hard to bring prosperity to our town.  We do however, still have member(s) and forces that work towards their own agenda.  As a result our work must continue to ensure a bright peaceful future for the residents of SBP and in particular the Sauble beach area..

By advocating as a group, we can have a greater impact and be more influential in helping determine the course of events in Sauble Beach. Through education and discussion of issues, we can create consensus and be proactive to major concerns. We will advocate on behalf of property owners to ensure that our opinions are considered and our concerns addressed in maintaining the community.