Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association

The Sauble Beach Property Owners Association will endeavour to:

• Assist residential property owners whose rights to own, use, manage, enjoy or benefit from their property, have been or will be affected or harmed through legislative actions.

• Promote the cultural and social interests of the seasonal and permanent residential landowners of Sauble Beach.

• Pursue issues and concerns that are in the broad public interest of residential property owners.

• Support, advise and consult with other Property Owners Associations and affiliated individuals and organizations for the purpose of developing policy, objectives and plans of action.

• Study and report on government and private sector plans affecting Sauble Beach residents and to make representations to the various levels of governments with respect to such matters.

• Actively support those politicians who demonstrate support for and encourage residential property owners' rights including fiscally responsible government and to work against those who do not.

• Ensure our members are aware of actions and situations in the Town so that they can, with knowledge, react to such matters, whether they be negative and/or positive.