Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association

Why Join

Membership has its advantages.

Membership provides the association with the resources needed to allow us to work for the rights & needs of the residents of TSBP, and in particular our association members.  Members will also receive frequent newsletters via email, with the latest news and information important to you as a Sauble Beach resident, whether that be all year or seasonal.  There is no need to be "out of the loop" during the off season.

As well we do our best to store important documents and articles in our "Downloads" section.  Only members will have access to this area of the website.

Finally only members will have the right to attend annual membership meetings (AGM's) where current, past and future issues will be discussed.  This will include the direction that the association will be taking.  As well we always try to have a guest speaker , such as the mayor, on hand to ensure the people are up to date with town news.  This along with the newsletter go a very long way to eliminating the untruths and rumours that can sometimes circulate in a community and cause undue stress on its residents.  As they say...knowledge is power.