Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Sauble Beach Residential Property Owners Association

The following information was sent to us by a deeply concerned member/resident of TSBP.  This information is currently in the public domain, and is provided ver batum from his document.  We supply it, as is, for information purposes.

Since the new council will consist of only 5 members, he is worried that if JOHN CLOSE, (running for mayor), JAY KIRKLAND (running for deputy mayor), AND JIM TURNER (running for councillor), are all elected, they would create a stranglehold on the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, with no viable opposition.




o   Spending $1M of our money on a sewer project for Sauble Beach that never had Federal or Provincial Gov’t. support. Included in this was the purchase of land for a sewage treatment plant before the project was even approved. Land the Town still owns and cannot sell, due to its recent “environmentally sensitive” designation. Based on the current land claim before us, it is plain to see why we never had any governmental support from the beginning. The government will not spend any money on land under dispute with First Nations. As leaders of our community, they should have known this.

o   John Close, Jay Kirkland, and Jim Turner want to spend $6M of our money, over the next 10 years to keep Wiarton/Keppel airport with a 7500’ runway to keep its international designation. Why does a community of less than 10,000 residents need this? It has never been used once for this purpose and today is only used by pleasure aircraft that can land on runways under 3000’. It is time to walk away from this white elephant and let the users pay to keep it open. The airport manager was recently let go because he could not come up with a business plan to support the cost of keeping its current designation. Maybe it’s time to fire these three dreamers!

o   John Close, Jay Kirkland, and Jim Turner have been on council that over the last 4 years have spent in excess of $200K to satisfy wrongful dismissal and administrative leave situations within the town offices of South Bruce Peninsula. If the people they hire can’t get along with them, fire them, put them on admin leave, or pay them off! What a way to run a town.

o   John Close, Jay Kirkland, and Jim Turner want to spend an unknown amount of money to develop an Industrial Park south of Wiarton. They want to do this without having any potential buyers for these properties and hope that “If we build it, they will come”.

o   John Close, Jay Kirkland, and Jim Turner voted to remove the parking fees from Sauble Beach. They did this to appease the residents of Woodland Park and other campgrounds within Sauble Beach. They also got campground residents the right to vote in the upcoming Municipal Election. Voting is a right that all tax payers should have. The elimination of paid parking leaves the town with a shortfall of over $200K per year that will have to be made up by you and me, the local taxpayers. However, these three don’t intend to hold onto the beach. They are in favour of turning it over to First Nations, who have stated they will institute a daily fee if they feel it is needed to maintain the beach. Take a look at the fees on the south beach and you know what the First Nations will do.   On top of the fees we will all pay on a daily basis, the taxpayers of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, would still be responsible for 50% of the cost of beach maintenance forever! The $5M in the agreement for beach maintenance will be gone in no time at all.  However, these three will be happy to take your tax dollars and use them for their own grandiose plans that do not benefit Sauble Beach!"